Tulare DHIA Recognizes Top Herds

Tulare DHIA Recognizes Top Herds

The Tulare County dairy industry turns out full force for the annual banquet of the county DHI association held this year on Mar. 16 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, CA, with over 300 attending. The Association has 169 herds on test with an average herd size of 2069 cows, six fewer herds but 11,000 more cows than last year.

Board president Jared Fernandes thanked General Manager David Brown and Field Manager Tony Nunes who in turn recognized the staff of four office workers, three lab technicians and 27 field supervisors. After a brief business meeting, the highlight of the evening was the presentation of top herd awards, introduction of youth scholarship winners and recognition of longtime agribusinessman and dairy industry supporter Bob Wasnick, partner in the dairy equipment firm, Wasnick Brothers of Tulare.

The low somatic cell count herd was Sweeney Dairy of Visalia at 82,000 SCC. The high producing herd based on energy corrected milk (ECM) was Terra Linda Dairy, Tulare, averaging 32,753 lbs. 3X. The top ten herds based on ECM are:

  1. Terra Linda Dairy, Tulare – 32,753 (3X)
  2. John DeJong Dairy, Hanford – 30,084
  3. Elbow Creek Dairy, Visalia – 29,993 (3X)
  4. Rob Van Grouw Dairy, Visalia – 29,474
  5. Rancho Sierra Vista Dairy, Visalia – 29,409
  6. Dairyland Farms, Tipton – 29,065 (3X)
  7. Fernoaks Farms, Tulare – 28,559 (3X)
  8. M. C. Leal & Son Dairy, Tulare – 28,303 (3X)
  9. Riverbend Dairies, Tulare – 28,291 (3X)
  10. Hynes Dairy, Tulare – 28,258 (3X)

The scholarship winners are Peyton Ferndandes, Natalie Ashburn, Andrew Brown, Zachary Fallert, Chase Gomes, Tiffany Herrera, Marvin Machado III, Blake Martin, Kymber Martins and Derrick Nunes.

Tulare DHIA Recognizes Top Herds


General Manager Dave Brown, left, presents the high herd award to Mike Santos, Jr. of Terra Linda Dairy with an energy corrected milk average of 32,753 (3X)


Jim Sweeney, right, received the low SCC herd award with an 82,000 SCC average for 2016. General Manager Dave Brown at left.


Bob Wasnick, right, was presented with the 2016 recognition by Tulare DHIA. The Association’s yearbook was dedicated to him for his long career of service to dairymen at Wasnick Bros. dairy equipment. Mike Santos made the presentation on behalf of the Association’s board.


The owners of the top herds recognized who were at the annual banquet are, from left, Mike Santos, Jr., Tyler Van Grouw, Mitch Mouw, Jose Campos, Jim Sweeney and Greg & Gary Fernandes.


Tulare DHIA Recognizes Top Herds

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