Two part dairy goat nutrition webinar

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems

AMTS expands The Nutritionist series adding two dairy goat webinars

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC (AMTS) will host two webinars focusing on Dairy Goat Nutrition in November and December. Targeting commercial Dairy Goat nutrition and geared towards professional nutritionists, the webinars will feature Dr Andreas Foskolos, Assistant Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece.

AMTS, the leader in CNCPS-based cattle nutrition software for dairy and beef feeding, recently expanded their nutritional program to include a module specifically designed for small ruminants like production sheep and goats. AMTS’s ration formulation models are based on the latest science available. AMTS.Farm.SmallRuminants uses a combination of the latest research recommendations to formulate rations specifically for sheep and goats of all animal types: lactating, non-lactating, meat animals, lambs, and kids. The NRC 2007 Small Ruminants model is the primary source for requirements determination. Information from INRA(National Institute for Agricultural Research), ARC(Agricultural Research Council), and research papers from Langston University, OK goat research unit were used in calculations. For determining supply, passage rate equations from the NRC were used with the rest of the equations coming from CNCPS 6.5.5.

Dr Andreas Foskolos returned to his native Greece to teach ruminant nutrition after several years at universities in Europe, the UK, and the US. He completed a post-doc at Cornell University where he worked in the CNCPS (Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System) model in the Van Amburgh lab. His focus has been ruminant nutrition and environmental pollution from ruminant livestock farming.

Dr Foskolos will speak on aspects of commercial dairy goat management and nutrition in webinars held November 12, 9:00 am EST and December 10, 9:00 am EST. The hour-long presentations will be followed by a question and answer period for participants. In the November webinar Dr. Foskolos will cover genetics, nutrition, and production systems for dairy goats. The follow-up webinar in December will dig deeper into formulation for both the nutritionist and the feeder.

The webinars are held on the Zoom platform and free to all registrants. If you are interested in knowing more about the webinars or would like to register, contact AMTS at These webinars are part of the more comprehensive The Nutritionist series hosted by AMTS for a global audience. Details and archived recordings can be found on the AMTS webinar webpage.

Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC is the global leader in CNCPS-based ruminant nutrition software and support. Since 2005, AMTS has been providing technical consulting, support, and solutions for clients ranging from independent consultants to multi-national feed companies. AMTS products make up the most trusted feed formulation software on the market. With a range of products that work seamlessly together, AMTS software is an invaluable aid for mill operators, nutritionists and feed industry professionals. With The Nutritionist series, AMTS has dedicated itself to supplying the tools to help nutritionists understand and implement the evolving knowledge base necessary to compete in today’s challenging climate. AMTS works with educators and renowned scientists to bring important, current, and useful presentations to a global audience.

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