Tyler Wenzlaff Hired as Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Director of Governmental Relations

Tyler Wenzlaff has been hired by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation as its director of governmental relations.

As a registered lobbyist for WFBF, Wenzlaff will assist Farm Bureau members in working with local, state and federal lawmakers to advance the policy directives for Wisconsin’s largest general farm organization.

“Farm Bureau has long been a leading voice for Wisconsin farmers and I look forward to playing a role in supporting Wisconsin’s agriculture community,” Wenzlaff said.

Prior to joining the Farm Bureau team, Wenzlaff held several positions at the state Capitol including chief of staff and research assistant.

“Tyler brings with him a wealth of experience and established relationships within the state Capitol,” said WFBF’s Executive Director of Governmental Relations Karen Gefvert. “He will be able to use both to help advocate for Wisconsin Farm Bureau members through legislation and administrative rules.”

Wenzlaff and his wife, Kathryn, are parents to two young children and live in Stoughton. He began his duties with Wisconsin Farm Bureau on October 14.

Wenzlaff succeeds Karen Gefvert, who was previously promoted to Executive Director of Governmental Relations, as the director of governmental relations.



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