U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue visits Las Vegas

The United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue toured the Silver State over the weekend, but on Monday, his tour brought him to Las Vegas.

He came to the town to tour Las Vegas livestock, Gilcrease Orchard, and Anderson Dairy. Perdue was in town to learn about issues affecting farmers, ranchers, and producers to make their lives better.


"We're just really to listen to you," Perdue said. "I was governor of Georgia for eight years, and I've never seen an administration, even when I was there that reached out to local government officials and regular people to get their opinion about how the federal government should work."

"The opportunity to be exposed to our problems that are so unfamiliar back in D.C. or in other places is just tremendous," said State Senator James Settlemyer, Churchhill County, District 17.

"We're excited because it's been quite some time, and I personally can't remember the last time we had a secretary of ag. come to Nevada to specifically meet and focus on agriculture production," said Jim Barbee, the director of the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

Farmers were able to ask questions that impact Nevada and the western region. Health care needs, immigration, agriculture production and child nutrition were prioritized among the topics.


Perdue's visit also opened the door to how Nevada can work with the federal government to improve business opportunities.

"Nevada agriculture is strong and continues to grow," Barbee said. "It's been one of the high points over the previous recession that we made our way through."

"We've also seen a great example of how we can recover some of our food waste from the resorts here in Las Vegas, and put it back through recycling nets that can help feed the world," Perdue said.

According to Perdue, his goal is to undo many of the burdens and regulations that farmers have faced over the years.