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Cornell Cooperative Extension

Learn about several areas of opportunity for dairy production Feb. 7th or Feb. 8th

The South Central NY Dairy and Field Crops team is offering an opportunity to learn about several areas of opportunity for dairy production from top professors, veterinarians and dairy economists in the region, in one jam-packed day of presentations. The scheduled presentations are informative education for farmers, employees and agri-service people who work directly with dairy cows, and will be offered in two locations – Syracuse and Owego – this February. Registration is $30.00 per person at each location and includes lunch and handouts.

When: Thursday, February 7th and Friday, February 8th
Where: 2/7 – Arts & Home Center Building, NY State Fairgrounds, Syracuse
2/8 – Owego Treadway Inn, 1100 NY-17C, Owego
Cost: $30 per person per day, includes lunch and handouts
Time: 9:30 registration, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. presentations

Speakers and topics included are:

  • John Winchell of Alltech: Mycotoxins as the Cow Sees Them
  • Dr. Andy Novakovic of Cornell University: Mega Trends in Consumer Markets for Dairy Foods
  • Belinda S. Thompson, DVM, Cornell University: The Opportunity to Avoid or Control Salmonella

Dublin in Your Dairy

  • Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University: Nitrogen Utilization Across Lactation.
  • Dr. Amy Vasquez, Cornell University: On Farm Culture Opportunities(Feb 7 only)
  • Dr. Paula Ospina, Cornell University: Bulk Tanks and Milk Quality (Feb 8 only)

Registration can be completed online at https://scnydfc.cce.cornell.edu/event.php, or contact Shannon Myers at 607.391.2662 or srm @cornell.edu. For any questions about this event, please contact Betsy Hicks at 607.391.2673 or email at [email protected].

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