Undeniably Dairy Shifts Focus to Addressing Hunger

Beth Engelmann, Dairy Management Inc.

Consumers today expect a deeper connection beyond their purchase. They want to know the people and the values behind it all. How they feel about a product or the industry overall determines what ends up in their grocery carts.

These days, a one-way push of communication isn’t enough. Creating connections and building trust with consumers requires looking beyond traditional outlets and tactics.

Recent Nielsen data indicates Americans aged 18 to 24 are watching less than two hours of traditional television a day. In its place are options such as streaming, multi-screen and subscription-based programming through Netflix, Hulu and others.

Companies and industries that are breaking through are doing so by adapting a new mindset. It’s about meeting people where they are, engaging in ongoing dialogue and putting the content they want at their fingertips.

This modern approach to marketing is the foundation of the dairy checkoff’s Undeniably Dairy campaign, which launched two years ago. It’s a movement that has rallied and unified the dairy industry like never before. Three-hundred dairy companies and organizations are participating to boost trust in dairy and rekindle a love of dairy with consumers across the country.

Making connections

Engagement is critical, and we are proud to have exceeded our expectations since our launch with more than 630 million paid impressions through digital and online partnerships with outlets such as Food Network, TasteMade, USA Today, Facebook, Instagram and more. People are connecting with dairy and dairy farmers, some for the first time, with more than 130 million views of videos on UndeniablyDairy.org.

The messages are breaking through. The checkoff worked with a third-party research group to see how people’s views changed after engaging with Undeniably Dairy. The results show our content reminded people that dairy is sustainable, nutritious, responsibly produced and good for their families and communities. Specifically, our campaign research has shown that people have a more positive perception after viewing Undeniably Dairy content in two key areas: “Dairy brings joy to your life” and “Dairy products are good for my family’s health.”

With a foundation of success, we asked what’s next? How can we take Undeniably Dairy to a new level?  We’re doing so by following a familiar dairy checkoff strategy – we’re working with a powerful and well-known partner: MilkPEP, which represents the nation’s milk processors.



A partnership between Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), which manages the national dairy checkoff, and MilkPEP will make a bigger impact by combining resources and rallying around the call to “Love What’s Real.” And there is nothing more real than the goodness of dairy.

Addressing hunger

With National Dairy Month upon us, we’re turning our collective attention to address an issue that is near and dear to our industry: making sure kids across the country have access to the delicious and nutritious dairy they need to grow healthy and strong.

Sadly, one in six children in the U.S. struggle with hunger during the summer when they no longer have the structure of free or reduced-price school meal programs. More than 18 million kids won’t know where their next meal will come from. No community is immune from food insecurity.

In June, DMI, Feeding America, MilkPEP and checkoff entities, including National Dairy Council, Fuel Up to Play 60 and GENYOUth, will rally our communities to combat childhood hunger.


Here’s our plan:

  • The dairy community will celebrate the goodness of milk on June 1, World Milk Day, with dedicated social media content and engagement.
  • Next, we kick off our “Real Love Convoy” June 5 on Good Morning America as we tour the country to drive awareness of childhood hunger and encourage donations to The Great American Milk Drive. State and regional checkoff teams will activate efforts in cities coast to coast through events at farmers markets, school feeding sites and sporting or community events.
  • Cultural influencers such as Laila Ali (daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali) and female boxer and GENYOUth board member Claressa Shields will help drive awareness and share the commitment of dairy farmers and the dairy community to addressing food insecurity.
  • We’ll bring the work of our dairy farmers to the forefront, telling our story on top podcasts such as “Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations” and Dr. Phil’s “Phil in the Blanks.”

We’re giving people more reasons than ever to “Love What’s Real.” Through social, in-market experiences and new media channels such as podcasts, we will enable people to see and feel what U.S. dairy stands for and the positive impact we have in our communities, supporting those in need.

It’s an undeniably powerful story that starts with the real and lasting commitment of America’s dairy farmers.


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