United Voice of Livestock to Discuss Diverse Components of Traceability at 2018 NIAA Annual Conference

“I want participants to come away understanding that while new technologies seem complex, they are just new iterations of existing systems and relationships,” says Thomas A. Burke, who will be one of the closing plenary session speakers at the upcoming 2018 NIAA Annual Conference.

The 2018 NIAA Annual Conference, themed Livestock Traceability: Opportunities for Animal Agriculture, will be held in Denver, Colorado at the Renaissance Stapleton Hotel, April 10th & 11th, with a follow–up Workshop on April 12th.

Burke’s presentation, One Health, Traceability and Emerging Technologies, will cover two areas of his expertise connected to the Conference’s theme.

Burke, who is a Food Traceability Scientist at the Global Food Traceability Center of the Institute of Food Technologists® will address accomplishing One Health/Public Health priorities through increased traceability. He has a master’s degree in Epidemiology and wide experience with food safety from his time at the Georgia Department of Agriculture where he worked with the Georgia Food and Feed Rapid Response Team during the recent US HPAI outbreaks.

“My thought about One Health and public health is that the concept will help bridge the gap between animal traceability and food safety,” Burke says. “One Health principles require a responsibility to animal health, human health and the environment. The spheres between food safety and animal health are sometimes siloed. We need to connect the scientific perspectives of the animal health to the broader world of public health in food systems.”

“I’ll also talk about emerging technologies, namely Blockchain and Internet of Things, and illustrate how they are being piloted on the ground to streamline recall procedures in the industry,” says Burke. “Technology helps us to adapt to new market demands and maintain food safety in the supply chain,” he says. “All of these technologies provide avenues for increased trust and ways to protect your business.”

“Food safety is one of the key aspects to having a good brand reputation,” says Burke. He notes the growing consumer demand for sourcing information as well as safety and says there are technologies that can solve some of the intractable challenges of meeting these requirements.

This is important, according to Burke, because the easier it is to keep up with record–keeping requirements, the more confidently you will respond to a crisis like a food recall, as well as pinpoint and prioritize how to respond without losing confidentiality.

“Using these new technologies for traceability solutions, you are going to respond more efficiently,” says Burke. “When effectively using these technologies, you can enhance your business.”

“What I’m really excited about at the NIAA Annual Conference” he says, “is the united voice about livestock that will be there. With the diverse list of speakers presenting all the components of traceability, the discussion will be about the complete idea of how traceability is being handled throughout the industry.”

For a complete agenda, click HERE. For registration information, click HERE or go to www.animalagriculture.org .