University of Idaho Students Applaud Weekend at Amino Acid University by Adisseo

Recently more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Idaho Department of Animal and Veterinary Science took a weekend-long dive into the science and application of amino acids in dairy rations.  Insights the students gained can further their careers in animal nutrition. The unique Amino Acid University was sponsored by Adisseo, a leader in rumen protected amino acids.


During the April weekend, technical presentations detailed amino acids, summarized research and shared applied amino acid nutrition for dairy cattle. Students learned the importance of properly balancing amino acids in dairy rations to bolster production, health and reproduction. On Saturday, students were introduced to AMTS ration formulation software by Dr. Sam Fessenden, AMTS Technical Support, who then challenged them with practice problems.

Their feedback to Adisseo? Thank you. We learned a lot. Give us more!

It was “Fantastic!” says Associate Professor Pedram Rezamand, Department of Animal & Veterinary Science, University of Idaho.  “Amino acids in dairy nutrition today is where poultry nutrition was years ago.

“Adisseo enabled my students to take a deep dive into amino acid nutrition. I talk about amino acids in the classroom, but my lectures cannot be as intense as these 18 hours of presentations, lectures, practice, and conversations.”

“It was a great experience.  The students were engaged and eager to know more,” says Dr. Dan Luchini, Adisseo Product and Technical Services Manager, Ruminants, and a University presenter.

“Presenting with me was Chuck Schwab, University of New Hampshire professor emeritus and owner of Schwab Consulting. Dr. Schwab is renowned in the industry for his contributions to amino acid nutrition for dairy cattle and enjoys working with students.”

Adisseo created its Amino Acid University program to help prepare students for careers as dairy nutritionists.  Each Amino Acid University focuses on the science of amino acids and amino acid balancing in combination with practical ration formulation skill building.