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Julie Berry, Editor

Summer Dairy Research Updates

After the day’s work is done… Come hear about two new research trials conducted by Julio Giordano’s Lab and presented by Robert A. Lynch, DVM, Cornell University PRO-DAIRY Program, Herd Health & Management Specialist or Martin Perez, Cornell University, PhD Student – Dairy Cattle Biology & Management Lab, Department of Animal Science. All are welcome, just pick the location most convenient to you. This is a free event, refreshments and desserts will be provided (as long as you register in advance).



Increasing Dairy Farm Profitability by Reducing the Interbreeding Interval and Optimizing Conception Rate of Lactating Dairy Cows

  • The latest research on reproductive management programs for second and greater services for dairy cows
  • Programs that prioritize insemination of cows in heat or maximize fertility through timed AI
  • Examples of strategies for on-farm implementation and performance implications.

Improving Dairy Cow Health Monitoring and Management Using Automated Sensors

  • The latest concepts and research on the use and value of health monitoring and management using automated sensors (e.g., rumination, activity, milk weights monitors)
  • Pros and cons of different technologies and their potential implementation for health management
  • Economics of incorporating technologies into farm management

The program runs from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at each site. Registration for the Summer Dairy Research Updates is free, but is required so we can bring enough supplies and refreshments. To register, contact the site coordinator with: Name, Farm/Clinic/Business Name, and Number of attendees.



Date Location Contact
 July 9 Kings Brother Dairy
311 King Rd.
Dave Balbian
[email protected]
 July 16 Hemlock Valley Farm
116 Eddie Martin Rd. (Route 28)
Dave Balbian
[email protected]
 July 17 Cornell Vet Teaching Dairy
Tulip Tree Drive
Shannon Myers
[email protected]
 July 18 Genesee County CCE
420 E. Main St.
Margaret Quaassdorff
[email protected]
 August 12 Farm Credit East
25417 NY Route 12
Tatum Langworthy
[email protected]
 August 12
(Remote broadcast)
Miner Institute
586 Ridge Rd.
Tatum Langworthy
[email protected]
 August 27 Municipal Building
72 Main St.
Katelyn Walley-Stoll
[email protected]
Welcome to Jessica Skellie


Jessica Skellie has joined the PRO-DAIRY and Agricultural Workforce Development teams as a Farm Management Specialist.

Skellie graduated from Cornell University in May of 2019 with a B.S. with honors in Animal Science and a focus in dairy production and management. She has experience working as a herdsperson on dairies in New York and California, assisted with a research project conducted on dairy farms in Colombia, and previously worked at Red Jacket Orchards in the farm store.


Spanish Dairy Cow Management webinar recordings available
Grabaciones de seminarios web en español sobre el manejo de vacas lecheras


Check out the recordings of our Spanish Dairy Webinars on Cow Behavior and Movement. The videos can be accessed anytime using the links provided. Excellent presentations entirely in Spanish.
Mire las grabaciones de nuestros seminarios web en español sobre el comportamiento y manejo de vacas. Se puede ver los vídeos en cualquier momento usando los vínculos proveídos. Son presentaciones excelentes y completamente en español. 

The movement of cows to and from the parlor
El movimiento de vacas hacia y desde la parla

30 minutos/30 minutes
Presenter: Dr. Paula Ospina DVM, PhD, MPH, QMPS, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine
Presentadora: Dr. Paula Ospina, DVM, PhD, MPH, Doctora Veterinaria en el departamento de servicios de producción de leche de buena calidad de la universidad de CornellMoving Cows and Cow Behavior
Manejo de Vacas

30 minutos/30minutes
Presenter/Presentador: Collin McCarthy – Cargill, Tech Support


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