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Tammy Anderson-Wise

Dairy Council of California’s long-standing legacy of supporting community health through nutrition education spans over 100 years, and as our centenary draws to a close, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our cause of elevating the health of children and families through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits. At Dairy Council of California, we believe:

  • All children and their families deserve access to nutrition education and healthy foods, including milk and dairy.
  • Promoting optimal growth and development and reversing childhood obesity are critical to creating healthy communities.
  • Milk and dairy foods are essential to daily healthy eating patterns.
  • Collaboration is vital to ensure children are supported to grow healthfully

Earlier this month, we officially unveiled the newly refreshed HealthyEating.org website and launched Let’s Eat Healthy, a movement that activates our cause and invites multisector coordination, collaboration and co-creation to help ensure children and families are supported to grow healthfully. The movement aims to empower stakeholders to champion community health through nutrition, provide resources to teach and inspire healthy eating habits, and find solutions to make nutritious foods like milk and dairy accessible and affordable to all. We are confident that the Let’s Eat Healthy movement will allow us to collectively drive change that is greater than what any single organization could do on its own.

Through shared values, the Let’s Eat Healthy movement strives to ensure:

  • Children and families have access to nutrition education and healthy foods, including milk and dairy foods.
  • Children have reduced incidence of obesity.
  • Children are supported to grow and be healthful.
  • Dairy is valued as a solution to optimal health.

Similar to our values, the movement aims to empower healthier communities through nutrition. Since the launch, we have received positive feedback on the new website and movement from long-time partners like Erin Maurie, ‎Director of Communications and Policy at ‎First 5 Sacramento, who congratulated us by sharing, “It’s exciting to see the refreshed website and launch of the Let’s Eat Healthy movement. I also believe that through collaboration we can make a positive difference. I look forward to future opportunities to partner with Dairy Council of California to continue to improve community health. Great job!”


We are proud of our rich legacy of supporting community health on behalf of California dairy farmers and processors, and we are thankful for your ongoing support. This July marks the beginning of a new century for Dairy Council of California. We are living in an unprecedented time and in an environment that is constantly changing. As we look ahead, we believe that our rich legacy, innovative and adaptable approach, and steadfast commitment to our cause and values will enable us to continue to empower healthier communities on behalf of the dairy industry.

We invite you, our dairy community, to support our efforts by continuing to share our nutrition resources, news and updates, dairy research and messaging, and website with your personal network of contacts, which could include fellow dairy advocates, peers, partners, educators and health professionals. Together, we can empower healthier communities by ensuring all children and families have access to healthful foods like milk and dairy and are supported for lifelong, optimal health.


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