USDA Announces Change in Florida FMMO

The USDA said it is proposing a temporary increase in the Class I milk price in the Florida order to help with damages from last fall’s hurricane. The Florida FMMO action would implement a temporary assessment of no more than $0.09/cwt. for seven months on Class I milk in the order. The assessment will not be deducted from the pool, but instead be passed on to consumers at a rate estimated to be less than $0.01 per gallon during the collection period. The revenues are to be used to reimburse handlers and producers for the marketing losses and expenses they incurred as a result of the Hurricane Irma-related disruptions last September.

The proposed amendments were requested by five NMPF member-cooperatives whose farmer members supply the majority of the milk pooled under the Florida FMMO: Southeast Milk Inc., Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., Premier Milk Inc.; Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association; and Lone Star Milk Producers.