USDA Pennsylvania Weekly Livestock Trends Issued for November 19


Combined Livestock Receipts from Carlisle, Dewart, Greencastle, New Holland, Middleburg, and Vintage.

Across Pennsylvania this week, cooler temperatures and our first snow of the season. Roads were a mess by midday on Tursday with road crews unprepared for our first Nor'Easter. Slaughter cow numbers dropped slightly and prices seemed to have stablized at the end of the week. Fat cattle numbers continue to trail cow numbers at most markets.Choice slaughter steers were quoted mixed from 2.00 lower to 2.00 higher. They averaged 106.95/cwt exactly where they were last week. Holstein steers were quoted steady to 4.00 lower for the week.

Choice Holstein steers averaged 79.38/cwt or 3.12/cwt lower for the week. Slaughter heifers sold steady to 3.00 lower this week. Choice heifers averaged 101.31/cwt or 2.14/cwt lower than last week. Choice Boxed Beef gave more this week. It closed at 212.91/cwt or 2.29/cwt lower than last week. Cattle futures took a turn to the positive this week. December futures closed at 115.35 or .78/cwt higher. February futures closed at 119.72 or 1.92/cwt higher. April futures closed at 121.55 or 1.30/cwt higher. Slaughter cows were quoted mixed from 4.00 lower to 2.00 higher for the week. Slaughter bulls were quoted 1.00-2.00 higher on another very light test. Holstein bull calves were quoted mixed from 50.00 lower to 50.00 higher. Holstein heifer calves were quoted steady to 5.00 lower on another very light test. There were a feeder cattle sales in Vintage and Middleburg this week. Due to inclement weather in the area a very light crowd was on hand to buy a very light selection of feeder cattle.

Compared to the sale last week, feeder steers sold mostly steady to firm with most cattle weighing under 600 lbs. Not enough Holstein steers for a market test. Feeder Heifers sold mostly steady. Feeder bulls sold mostly steady to weak. Demand good for the light buyer attendance. No trend was reported from Middleburg. At the New Holland Dairy sale this week, compared to last week, Fresh and Springing Holstein cows sold mostly steady to firm. Demand moderate. Not enough Bred cows again for a market test. Holstein bulls sold steady compared to a light test last week. Bred and Open Holstein heifers traded mostly steady compared to a light test last week. Demand light to moderate. Compared to last week, slaughter barrows and gilts sold 3.00-4.00 lower compared to a light test last week. Demand good.

Slaughter sows sold mostly steady compared to a very light test last week. Demand moderate. Boars sold mostly steady. There was a Feeder Pig sale in Carlile this week. No trend was reported. At the New Holland Sheep and Goat sale, compared to last week, Slaughter Lambs weighing under 70 lbs sold mostly steady to 10.00 lower while heavier lambs weighing over 70 lbs traded steady to 10.00 higher. Slaughter Ewes traded mostly steady to 5.00 higher. Demand moderate. Slaughter Goats: Report comprised of approximately the first half of sales due to the reduced federal holiday schedule. Compared to last week, a heavy supply of goats on offer. Slaughter Kids and Nannies sold mostly steady. Bucks traded mostly steady to 10.00 higher on a light test with most movement in heavy bucks weighing over 150 lbs. Wethers traded unevenly steady on a light test. Demand moderate.

Price and grade information is reported by QSA-USDA Market News Service. While market reports reflect the majority of Livestock sold at each sale, there are instances where animals do not fit reporting categories and are not included in this report.


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