USDA to measure agricultural land values


NASS will publish the results August 6

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is encouraging agricultural operations to respond to the Agricultural Land Values Survey.



Agricultural land values are one of the major indicators of the financial health of the agricultural sector. The value of land and buildings accounts for the vast majority of all farm assets. Accurate land values are necessary for Federal and State deliberations on farm programs, or lending agencies (e.g. determining collateral assets), and for individual producers to determine their net worth.

This survey collects agricultural farmland, cropland, and pasture values on a per-acre basis (excluding buildings), and year-to-year percentage changes in land values. In New England, this data will be summarized in conjunction with the February Land Values survey results to maximize precision of aggregate data. NASS will publish the results in the August 6, 2020 Land Values publication. The publication will be available on the USDA-NASS website at



NASS gathers the data for the survey online, by mail, phone and in-person interviews. “The cooperation of the agricultural sector is crucial to ensure that NASS accurately provides the most comprehensive estimate of U.S. farm real estate data for 2020,” said Kevin Pautler, deputy director of the NASS Northeastern Regional Field Office. “NASS safeguards the privacy of all responses and publishes only State and National level data, ensuring that no individual operationor producer can be identified,” added Pautler. For more information on NASS surveys and reports, call the NASS Northeastern Regional Field Office at (800) 498-1518.

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