Van Raden Inducted into USDA / ARS Science Hall of Fame

Joel Hastings

Dr. Paul M. VanRaden was inducted into the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Science Hall of Fame during a ceremony on Sept. 15, according to an announcement from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding.

CDCB reports, “The men and women who have been inducted into the ARS Hall of Fame represent a very special group of scientists—the best of the best. Only a few USDA ARS scientists are inducted each year. Dr. David Swayne of Athens, Ga., who is renowned in poultry health research, joined VanRaden as 2020 inductees.

“VanRaden’s Hall of Fame inscription reads, ‘For development and implementation of genomic prediction methodology that revolutionized animal breeding and advanced genetic progress for economically important traits of animals and plants worldwide.’ ”

John B. Cole, Ph.D., Acting Research Leader at AGIL, was one of many colleagues expressing congratulations on the recent induction day. “I’m very proud today to see Dr. Paul VanRaden inducted into the ARS Science Hall of Fame,” said Cole. “It’s been a great privilege to work with, and learn from, Paul for the last 17 years. His dedication to feeding the world is an example for us all!”

Inductees to the Hall are selected by a panel of peers from ARS, other federal agencies, and academia. In selection for this prestigious honor, every member of the Hall of Fame:

 Has produced a major impact on agricultural research—by solving a significant agricultural problem through research or providing outstanding leadership that significantly advanced agricultural research.

  • Has made accomplishments that continue to be recognized by the agricultural research community.
  • Possesses the character and record of achievement worthy of emulation by younger agricultural scientists.
  • Has made achievements that were nationally or internationally recognized by peers in the scientific community.

Browse online to learn about the primary achievements of Hall of Fame members, and enjoy the growing collection of video clips from interviews with Hall members. The Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1986 and is located at USDA-ARS, George Washington Carver Center, 5601 Sunnyside Avenue (Building 4, Second Floor), Beltsville, Maryland.

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