Vytelle Establishes Exclusive Agreement with Synomics to Tie Genetic Signatures in Cattle to Performance and Efficiency


Vytelle announced today the exclusive licensing of the Synomics Insights Platform to increase the accuracy of predicting cattle performance using phenotype and genomics data. By bringing this new capability in-house, Vytelle is uniquely positioned to fast forward cattle genetic progress – bringing certainty to producers’ high-stake management decisions.

“Vytelle will now be able to offer cattle producers the ability to correlate elite phenotype performance to unique genetic trait combinations. Combining this capability with our GrowSafe Systems phenotype data capture platform, Vytelle will offer cattle producers new intelligence to correlate genome to phenome. As a result, producers can more rapidly multiply their elite genetics using our modern in vitro fertilization system providing them a complete solution,” commented Kerryann Kocher, Chief Executive Officer for Vytelle.

The revolutionary Synomics Insights Platform can process thousands of diverse datasets and analyze large-scale genotypic, phenotypic and environmental data.

“We’re excited to work with the Vytelle team to help them unlock individual animal performance for cattle producers,” said Steve Gardner, Founder of Synomics. “We’ve already demonstrated that we can more accurately explain the correlations among genomic, phenotype and environmental data driving new insights for health, production and fertility traits for producers.”

Vytelle and Synomics are part of the Wheatsheaf Group, an international investor in food and agriculture focused on creating efficiencies in the production and distribution of food, developing innovative business models and technologies to deliver affordable, nutritious and safe food that sustains both human health and the health of the planet.

To learn more, visit Vytelle.

Vytelle is a precision livestock company with an aim to make individual animal management possible. Vytelle’s world class phenotype data capture capability via GrowSafe Systems coupled with the modern IVF technology helps cattle producers transform decision making and brings a new certainty to performance, health, and genetic progress.

Synomics helps our customers to improve the productivity and health of crops, livestock, and companion animals. The Synomics Insights Platform extract signals from large and diverse data sources including genomic, phenotypic and environmental data. These insights enable crop producers, breeders, and animal health teams to take real-time decisions into production efficiency, disease resistance and fertility as well as optimizing nutrition, health and welfare management.

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