Vytelle™ Introduced as New Company Name for Cogent IVF

New name sets future for forward-thinking company vision, focused on vitality and progression of livestock reproduction

Vytelle was introduced today as the new company name for the business formerly known as Cogent® IVF. Vytelle (pronounced vy-tel-ee) comes from the bold union of VITAL, a powerful word denoting “essential to reproductive success” and the more feminine word ELLE, Greek for “sunray.” Symbolically, the two words come together to create new life in the form of Vytelle, a unique descriptor for a visionary brand born out of vitality, connectivity and positivity.


“This is a big step forward for our organization and our role in the future of livestock reproductive technology,” says Bruno Sanches, Chief Operating Officer of Vytelle. “This brand platform will allow us to continue to deliver a forward-focused promise to our technology licensees and their customers across the United States.”

Vytelle is highly focused on bringing genetic advancement to commercial animals with a deeper driving purpose of implementing technology to produce more protein for the world. Vytelle provides multiple differentiators in the marketplace, including a unique system for collecting oocytes without the use of hormonal stimulation from donor females, modified production protocols using serum-free culture media and unique freezing techniques that increase the success of post-thaw pregnancy initiation and sustained pregnancies.


Cogent IVF was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Cogent Breeding Ltd. In the fall of 2017, Wheatsheaf® Group sold a majority interest in Cogent Breeding Ltd. to ST Genetics, based in Texas. Prior to the acquisition Cogent IVF was transferred into Wheatsheaf Group ownership and has operated as an independent Wheatsheaf company, representing a strategic investment by the group into the bovine sector. This name change reinforces our commitment to advancing genetics, business and life.

“Even as we move forward as Vytelle, one thing that won’t change is the core of our business—the people, service and technology that is associated with Cogent IVF,” explains Sanches. “The team at Cogent IVF will remain the same under the Vytelle name with the same mission to Advance Genetics. Business. Life.”