Want to see what New Zealand farming has to offer?

The Pasture Summit was established in 2017 by a group of progressive and committed farm business owners and dairy sector experts from across New Zealand and Ireland.

In November 2018, the Pasture Summit Conferences – sponsored by AgriNet – will be held in both the North Island (Hamilton) and South Island (Ashburton) of New Zealand.

The objective is to bring together a positive and vibrant community of farmers to secure a profitable future for the current and next generation of dairy farmers and dairy stakeholders.

Packages are available for Irish farmers willing to attend the conference – on either island – with visits also scheduled for some of the top dairy farms in New Zealand.

With the choice of either visiting the North Island or the South Island, the tour includes: attending the Pasture Summit Conference; visiting top farm businesses; and two or three sightseeing opportunities. Both of the tours will be led by New Zealand agri-business consultant Lynaire Ryan and husband Richard Todd.


Leaving Ireland or the UK on November 19, the North Island tour will include: farm visits in Waikato; sightseeing in Auckland and the Waitomo Caves; and attendance at the Pasture Summit Conference.

Meanwhile, delegates on the South Island tour will depart Ireland or the UK on November 25. The tour encompasses Canterbury farm visits; a visit to Queenstown and Canterbury; and attendance at the Pasture Summit Conference.


All of the farm visits will include an introduction to the farmer, his or her team and the farm. The core principles of each farm will also be discussed, such as: pasture management; livestock management; business management; and what’s important to the farmers.

In addition each farm will focus on one or two specialist topics. These are: staff management; succession planning; business governance; environmental stewardship; industry issues and direction; young stock management; and achieving a condensed calving pattern.

More Information

Farmers are asked to confirm their interest by August 17 to ensure availability of flights and accommodation. To book or for further information, please contact: 0035387-6457987 or email: mok.positivefarmers@gmail.com.