Washington State Hosts National Holstein Convention

Cheri Oechsle

As published in the July / August issue of HolsteinWorld Exclusive

The Washington Holstein Breeders pulled out all the stops hosting the 2017 National Convention June 27 – July 1 in Bellevue, Wash. An event filled week included the regular convention junior contests, meetings, caucuses and awards as well as tours that included whale watching, touring Seattle, farm tours and more. Here are a few of the highlights:

Tours included a Southern tour on Tuesday to Claquato Farms, home of the Young Family and Portman Farms, the Portman family. The Northern tour made stops at Sildahl Farm, home to the Schoenbachler family, lunch at the Polinder family’s Ronelee Holsteins and a final stop at Markwell Holsteins where local ice cream and raspberries from the Markwell family’s raspberry fields were enjoyed. Regional breeders brought cattle in, including George Magnochi who brought in a yearling sired by the EX-95 Carnation Royal Master!

From left are Laura Lesher, Pa., Douglas Boop, Pa., Emily Irwin, Ill., Tony Lopes, Calif., Carley Krull, Wis., and Austin Schmidt, Minn. -photo by Purebred Publishing

2017 Holstein Assn Young DJMS
From left are Brooke Kline, Pa., Laura Littrell, N.Y., Ryan Allen, Md., Regan Demmer, Ia., Payton Erbsen, Ill., Jull Allen, Md., and Isaac Nelson, Minn. -photo by Purebred Publishing

Highlights from the Junior Convention included new JAC members XXX, the naming of the Distinguished Junior Member finalists: Douglas Boop, Millmont, Pennsylvania; Emily Irwin, Belvidere, Illinois; Carley Krull, Lake Mills, Wisconsin; Laura Lesher, Bernville, Pennsylvania; Tony Lopes, Gustine, California and Austin Schmitt, Rice, Minnesota. Pennsylvania claimed the Quiz Bowl trophy in the Junior Division while the team from Illinois captured the title in the Senior Division.

Top awards presented during the annual meeting and awards banquets for the adults included the Herds of Excellence. Congratulations to the large herds: Bomaz, Inc., the Zwald Family of Hammond, Wisconsin; Emerald Acres, home to Paul, Theo and Donald Ossmann, De Pere, Wisconsin; Siemers Holsteins, the Siemers Family, Newton, Wisconsin and Sugar Creek Dairy, LLC, home to the Adams Family of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Medium herd winners were Koester Dairy Inc. the Koester Family of Dakota, Illinois; Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, home to the Breunig Family of Sau City, Wisconsin and Paradise-D Holsteins owned by Daniel and Nancy Pagenopf of Lancaster, Wisconsin. Small herd winners were Appealing Holsteins, S. Scott and April Cooper, Delta, Pennsylvania; B-Long Holsteins, Bruce and Brend Long of New London, Wisconsin; Bur-Wall Holsteins, the Behnke family of Brooklyn, Wisconsin; Ever-Green-View Holsteins owned by Thomas Kestell of Waldo, Wisconsin; Hilrose Holsteins, Joseph Brantmeier of Sherwood, Wisconsin and Jeffrey-Way Holsteins, Jeffrey and Kate Hendrickson of Belleville, Wisconsin.

The Star of the Breed award was presented to the owners of Miss Hot Mam-Red-ET EX-92 with 1-11 274D 33,520M 5.8%, 1,940F 3.5% 1,162P. Bred by Nathan Thomas, Michael Heath and Will Iager of Ohio and Maryland, she is sired by Armani and completes nine generations of Excellent dams. She was purchased in the 2014 Best of Triple T & Heath Sale as a senior calf. She was second Fall calf in 2014 at the International Show, first-place Milking Yearling in the 2015 International Red and White Show and second at the Royal. She is owned by the partnership of Crest Holsteins, Watertown, Wisconsin; Majestic View Genetics LLC, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; Rhonda Shore and Randy Connery, both of Sun Prairie and Crailoo Dairy Farm LLC, Brownsville, Wisconsin. To be eligible for the Star of the Breed award, a cow must place in the top five in her class at a National Holstein Show, have completed a lactation in the last year, be in a herd enrolled in the TriStar program and have an official classification score.

Holstein Assn Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Craig Carncross
CARNCROSS NAMED DISTINGUISHED YOUNG BREEDER From left are John Meyer, Jen and Craig Carncross, Lodi, Wis., Gordie Cook and Boyd Schaufelberger. -photo by Holstein Assn.

The 2016 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder is Craig Carncross of Lodi, Wisconsin. Wargo Acres milks 420 Holsteins three-times per day with a RHA of 31,660M 1,205F and 995P. They have a BAA of 108.2 with 52 Excellents, 106 Very Good and 75 Good Plus. They have received the Progressive Breeder Award for 17 years and the Progressive Genetic Award for seven years. They have 39 Wargo prefixed Gold Medal Dams and 17 Dams Of Merit. Nine cows have been honored as national elite performers and they have had 37 bulls in AI with their prefix. Craig and his wife Jen have two sons, Evan and Nolan.

The Marti family of Olmar Farms
OLMAR FARMS NAMED ELITE BREEDER Seated from left are Joshua and Jill Nelson and Marsha and Cheryl Marti. Standing from left are Isaac and Brian Nelson, Roger Marti, Holstein CEO John Meyer, Past President Gordie Cook and President Boyd Schaufelberger. -photo by Holstein Assn.

The Elite Breeder is Omar Farms of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Breeding and developing superior elite genetics has been the foundation of their herd. The herd began in 1944 when the Martis began their herd. Sons Roger & Floyd joined the farm in 1976 and then 2002, Roger’s daughter Jill and husband Brian and two sons moved home when that’s when the farm became known as Olmar Farm. Jill and Brian bought the farm in 2010 when Floyd retired. The 144 cow RHA is 26,063M 976F and 822P. High type, high production & longevity are the areas of concentration for the farm.  “Profitability is not measured in one lactation,” according to Jill. The herd BAA is 109.2 on 142 cows. They have had 233 over time classified Excellent with their prefix along with 33 Dams Of Merit, 61 Gold Medal Dams and one Gold Medal Sire. They have had 47 consecutive years on the Breeder Registry and for 24 year named a progressive genetic herd. They have had 40 bulls in AI both in domestic and international markets.

2017 Distinguished Leadership Award Gerald “Jerry” Strandlund
STRANLUND RECEIVES DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP AWARD Sharon and Jerry Strandlund, Bellingham, Wash., are shown with Joh Meyer, left, and Gordie Cook and Boyd Schaufelberger, right. -photo by Holstein Assn.

Distinguished Leadership Award was presented to Gerald “Jerry” Strandlund of Bellingham, Washington. Raised in Minnesota on a dairy farm, he attended University of Minnesota and in 1962 graduated with a degree in dairy husbandry. In 1967 he was hired by Holstein Association covering Northwest states as a field rep. He established roots in Washington and later became marketing manager for AllWest Breeders. After 4 years with All West he started Bovagraph, a cattle photography business in the Northwest region. He merged the cattle photography and his marketing skills and took over the quarterly newspaper Northwest News. He now produces a six-state annual directory that covers Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and one in British Columbia as well as the quarterly. He has been editor for over 40 years.

132nd Annual Meeting

2017 Holstein Association Board of Directors
HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION USA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Front row from left: CFO / Treasurer Barbara Casna; President Boyd Schaufelberger, Ill.; Vice President Corey Geiger, Wis.; CEO / Executive Secretary John Meyer, and Benjamin Newberry, Ga. Second row from left: Peter Dueppengiesser, N.Y., John Marshman, N.Y., Steve Keene, Me., and Mark Kerndt, Ia. Third row from left: Pat Maddox, Calif., John Burket, Pa., Dwight Rokey, Ks., and Dale Drendel, Ill. Top row from left Steve Moff, Oh., Paul Buhr, Wis., and John Andersen, Id. -photo by Randy Blodgett

At the 2017 Holstein Association USA Annual Meeting, new officers and directors were elected to the Holstein USA Board of Directors. Candidates elected by the delegates were: President: Boyd Schaufelberger, Illinois; Vice President: Corey Geiger, Wisconsin; Region 2 Director: John Burket, Pennsylvania; Region 3 Director: Steve Moff, Ohio; Region 7 Director: Dwight Rokey, Kansas and At-Large Director: Dale Drendel, Illinois. There were 124 delegates present from 38 districts.

Various committee reports were presented including the Genetic Activities Committee which presented the concern expressed from breeders about the high correlation between stature and other type traits and their desire to have a more moderate genetic trend regarding the height of their cattle. The GAC actions were aimed at improving breeding tools: Udder Composite, Feet & Legs Composite and overall breeding objective (TPI), so that they will improve lifetime profitability and “lessen” the correlated increase in stature. The GAC recommended to the board amending the Udder Composite formula, Feet and Legs Composite, adding the new trait Cow Livability to the TPI formula and changing the production component to 21% Protein + 17% Fat + 8% Feed Efficiency. They also recommended that HAUSA staff keep the milk value component of Feed Efficiency in synch with the economic values by USDA in Cheese Merit (CM$) and change the name of Body Size Composite to Body Weight Composite. For more details on these changes contact the HAUSA.

For a complete review of the annual meeting and award winners visit the holsteinusa.com website or the blog at 2017holsteinconvention.blogspot.