Watch Now: DCHA tour videos

DCHA conference tours on Tuesday, April 10 will focus on several areas of calf and heifer management. As a conference attendee, you can attend one of two industry tours. The day will conclude with an on-farm calf management walk-through at Vir-Clar Farms.

Industry tours (choose one):

STgenetics: A leader in bovine genetics, you will get a glimpse into the research and technology that supports our growing industry. Hear from the experts on the latest in genomic testing and sexing technology.

Milk Products: A behind-the-scenes tour of milk replacer manufacturing. Learn about the research and expertise that goes into calf milk replacer, and milk replacer for a variety of species.

Farm tour:

Vir-Clar Farms: Exceptional calf care protocols and cleanliness are key to calf management success on this 2,000-cow dairy. Hear from the dairy's calf manager, Katie Grinstead, about their approach to getting calves and heifers off to the best start possible.