Wis. governor ‘resents’ comments by ag secretary

Associated Press

Evers says Perdue “kind of put the pox on small farming in the state”

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers says he “resents” that President Donald Trump’s agriculture secretary suggested small dairy farms need to get bigger in order to survive.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue made the comment on Tuesday while visiting the World Dairy Expo in Madison. Perdue said, “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out.”

Evers says Perdue “kind of put the pox on small farming in the state, small dairy farming in particular.”

Evers reacted to Perdue after his own visit to the World Dairy Expo.

Evers says small dairy farms should be supported rather than told to get larger. He says, “I frankly resent that the department of ag secretary for the federal government came in and kind of lambasted them.”


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  1. Secretary sonny Perdue just showed all of Wisconsin how igrorent he is about natters outside his DC bubble. 99% of all dairy cattle shown in madison at the WDE are from herds under 150 cows, some of the really great catitle come from herds of 40 cows.. as for economicly, smaller herds have less debt and the banks don’t own us like the 1500 – 3000 cow herds.. us small herds we actually be able to pass on a debt free farm, larger farms will never be owned again by the family. .

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