Wisconsin Business Signs Development Agreements with Indonesian Firms

Exporting Wisconsin ag products and helping food production

During last week’s World Dairy Expo Global Dinner,  hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Central Wisconsin AG Services Global (CWAS) signed Memos of Understanding with two Indonesian companies. These business relationships will help grow the Indonesian GDP and provide much needed food to this under-developed part of the world, as well as provide additional export opportunities for U.S. businesses, according to Cody Heller, CEO and partner in CWAS.

The first MOU is with PT Raffles Pacific Harvest (RPH), an Indonesian company that runs a dairy cow facility and bottling plant. RPH utilizes the milk they produce, as well as imported milk powders from the U.S. The second MOU is with PT Suwarnadwipa Agro Makmur (SAM), an Indonesian startup company investing in the development of a large corn and soybean plantation in South Sumatra, Indonesia.  Their production will be used to feed the livestock of Indonesia and ultimately provide a healthy and nutritious source of protein for its people. Additionally, SAM is building the first grain processing facility in Southern Jambi, Sumatra, which will allow the Indonesian residents to plant corn.

CWAS is assisting in the procurement of American farm products, livestock, feed, genetics, equipment, parts, tools and services, which in turn will provide U.S. companies with extensive new export opportunities.

Cody Heller said, “The overall economic impact of these agreements is expected to exceed billions of dollars over the next 20 years.”

Central Wisconsin AG Services Global is a consulting company based in Alma Center, Wis., and founded in 2014 by Cody Heller and John Borzillo, DVM. CWAS provided a new generation of agriculture consulting to meet the demands of an evolving world in production agriculture.

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