World Dairy Expo Seminars & Tours

Expo Seminars

World Dairy Expo’s education showcase give you the chance to visit with peers, while learning from fellow producers and industry experts about different ways to make your operation more profitable. The seminars are structured with a 45-minute presentation and time for questions and answers. To see a complete list of Expo Seminars for this year’s show click here.

Virtual Farm Tours

World Dairy Expo offers a farm tour program featuring virtual presentations given by a variety of producers about their operations. These tours will be presented in a seminar format right on-grounds. For complete details on World Dairy Expo’s new Virtual Farm Tours click here.

Additional Seminars

Expo attendees can also benefit from a variety of other international conferences, special seminars and fun programming. They offer a way to meet and talk with your fellow producers from down the road or across the world. For more information on Expo’s other seminars click here.