Year in Review & More Disruption Ahead: A Look at Cellular Agriculture


As we learned in school, cells are the building blocks of all living things. Now, innovators are taking it a step further, using cells as the foundation of your next meal.
In a special year-end episode of “The Dairy Download,” co-hosts Phil Plourd and Kathleen Wolfley talk to two guests who are changing the way we look at food. First up is Ryan Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Day. Six years ago, he combined a love of dairy and a vegan lifestyle into a company that uses cellular fermentation to create dairy proteins. Today, Pandya is partnering with dairy companies to bring Perfect Day’s dairy ingredients like cheese, yogurt and ice cream to your favorite menu or local grocery aisle.

Next, journalist Chase Purdy delves into the world of cellular agriculture. The author of “Billion Dollar Burger: Inside Big Tech’s Race for the Future of Food” tells us about the developers and investors behind that eye-popping dollar figure. And we get a look into the future of cell-based protein. Still thinking about a thick beef patty with a slice of cheese? Purdy discusses potential alignment between lab-grown meat and the dairy industry.
But, before we explore potential disruption ahead, our hosts take a look back on 2020. After a year that was anything but ordinary, we share what you need to know heading into 2021.
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