Young dairy farmer balances unpredictability with future promise

National Milk Producers Federation

“You have to say positive,” Josh Sauter says. “Leave what you can at the dairy.”

Josh Sauter and his family have managed challenges in the past, unpredictability in the present, and opportunities in the future. In the latest “Farmer Focus” co-sponsored by NMPF and the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program, Sauter shares the secret to resilience.

“You have to say positive,” Sauter says. “Leave what you can at the dairy. Some days you get to do that at six, and some days you don’t get to do that till midnight, but that’s important.”

Sauter and his wife, Katie, work alongside his parents to run their milking operation and plan what the future of Sauter Farms may look like.

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