Your cows have been asking for this

Workshop Overview

American Foods Group Tour – seeing is believing.

This guided tour of American Foods Group may forever change the way you view your cull cows and culling decisions. See for yourself cull-cow quality as you trace backwards from the cooler to the harvest floor. Hear from beef buyers, market experts, and USDA meat inspectors about carcass conditions, body condition and condemned cows.


What animal welfare challenges are we facing? And what’s ahead?

Dr. Nigel Cook gets to the heart of the sensitive “involuntary-cull-cow issue and answers tough questions, like:

  • Do your employees know how to handle cows in a stress-free manner?
  • Does your dairy meet welfare audit standards for cattle lameness and injury?
  • What records are you keeping…and what will be asked of you in the future?
  • Will you be mandated to give your cows access to outdoor areas to graze?
  • Should you raise calves in individual pens without social contact?


Euthanizing cattle-what you need to know

Every dairy producer faces circumstances in which humane euthanasia of an animal is the best way to avoid animal suffering. Dr. Frank Garry will pinpoint the circumstances in which euthanasia is appropriate and outline the proper methods to perform it with the welfare of people and animals in mind.

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