Zinpro Corporation to Purchase Paragon Specialty Products, LLC, and CouvLotta, LLC

Both acquisitions create nutritional synergies to improve animal wellness and performance

Zinpro Corporation announces that it is acquiring two leaders in water-soluble-based animal nutrition and nutritional support products. The two companies are Paragon Specialty Products (PSP), LLC, Rainsville, Alabama, and CouvLotta, LLC, Rockport, Texas, USA.  The expected close date for the acquisitions is November 1, 2018.

“All of us at Zinpro Corporation are very excited to join with these two, U.S. companies to grow our global performance-trace-mineral nutrition business,” says Bill Scrimgeour, president and CEO, Zinpro Corporation. “Both additions to our company provide innovative, customizable and proprietary nutritional solutions for improved animal wellness and performance and nutritional support products for optimizing animal care.”

Joining PSP and CouvLotta with Zinpro creates extensive synergies for all three entities, agrees Joey Couvillion, co-founder of each company. “Teaming up the top-notch employees and technologies at PSP and CouvLotta with those at Zinpro will accelerate growth and new business opportunities for everyone involved,” says Couvillion. “The combined knowledge, enthusiasm and technical expertise from each company – joined into one – will generate even more momentum to develop and launch improved animal-nutrition products than we could as separate entities alone.”

Lane Lott, CouvLotta co-founder, concurs. “Our combined knowledge in water delivery systems, specialty ingredient sourcing, quality and risk mitigation programs and nutritional antibiotic alternatives is a great fit with Zinpro’s global resources and expertise in performance trace mineral nutrition,” says Lott. “Just as importantly, Zinpro’s research and development capabilities are world-renowned, with a fantastic animal-nutrition research staff and resources for new product development.”

Both PSP and CouvLotta will continue to be based and operated from their current locations with existing management. Prior to acquisition, both companies have been family-owned and privately held, as is Zinpro. Terms and conditions of the agreement remain undisclosed.

As the industry leader in trace mineral nutrition for livestock, equine, aqua, pet and poultry, Zinpro is committed to delivering the technical expertise, products and educational tools needed to help customers improve the performance and profitability of their operations.

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