4 Million Genotypes Announced by CDCB

The four millionth genotype was recorded on March 2 in the CDCB database – an incredible feat possible through collaboration between the U.S. and Canada and among dairy producers, genotyping labs, nominating organizations, international partners, CDCB and the Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory (AGIL). This according to the CDCB newsletter released on Mar. 9.

The first U.S. Holstein sires were genotyped in 2008. After seven years, the one million milestone was hit in August 2015. Since then, the database has grown more rapidly as genomic testing has been readily adopted in dairy herd replacement and genetic program strategies. The two-million mark was met 23 months later, in July 2017. It took only 15 months to hit the next million (three million in December 2018) and less than 13 months to elevate to four million.

The cooperator database of dairy phenotypic and genomic data managed by CDCB remains the world’s largest animal database, at four million genotypes and growing rapidly.


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